CAB Concept Cluster

Success built on cooperation

CAB Concept Cluster

The CAB Concept Cluster, founded in 2014, is a group made up of experienced OEM suppliers, Dresden Technical University, and various partners and associations. The cluster focuses on manufacturers of construction machines, agricultural machines and forklifts, with the purpose of bundling near-series innovation in joint projects and demonstrating the potential benefits of efficient system integration.

The first project - the Genius CAB

The first project, Genius CAB, was presented at bauma 2016. This wheel loader cab is a customer-neutral platform that bundles innovations. The concept was enthusiastically received by customers and garnered many awards.


Smart CAB at the Agritechnica 2017

After success in the construction machine industry came the Smart CAB for the agricultural machine industry, with a presentation at the 2017 Agritechnica in Hannover. Based on a multifunction cab for self-propelled vehicles like harvesters and field sprayers, the innovations integrated into it show how the needs of the farming industry can be addressed today and in future.

The cab is based on a series-tested product from Fritzmeier, with innovations like electroluminescence displays as alternatives to head-up displays. The modular structure ensures flexible use on various vehicles. For customers, that means high quality, low development and tooling costs, and faster production startup without risk.


Genius CABGenius CABGenius CABGenius CABGenius CABGenius CAB
The Genius CAB

The modular cabin structure developed by Fritzmeier, with special welded aluminium sections as softcab and adaptive steel EXO-ROPS/FOPS, offers the following advantages :

  • Excellent formability and strength,
  • Good weather and seawater resistance,
  • Considerable reduction in mass compared with structural steels, with less overlap,
  • Variable EXO-ROPS depending on machine weight, with unchanged softcab for reduced costs.

Genius CAB brochure

Smart CABSmart CABSmart CABSmart CABSmart CABSmart CAB
The Smart CAB

The multifunction cab developed by Fritzmeier, with a steel softcab, offers customers many advantages:

  • The cab for self-propelled vehicles like harvesters and field sprayers is available immediately.
  • You get tested series quality without extra investment.
  • All modules can be individually configured, for example the HMI, the seat including complete control (12V/24V) suite, and the colours of steel frame and roof.

Smart CAB brochure