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CAB Alliance

CAB Alliance is a global network of cab specialists. Through it, Fritzmeier can offer to customers in Europe and around the world products that meet the highest quality standards. Through regular coordination on technical developments in the market and on regional differences that need to be considered for international projects, the independent companies are always in a position to offer the right solutions to their global customers.

Companies in the CAB Alliance:

  • Fritzmeier in Europe (Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania)
  • Ninomiya in Asia (China/Japan)
  • Crenlo Engineered Cabs in North America (USA)
  • ETHOS in South America (Brazil)

Crenlo Engineered Cabs (USA)

Crenlo Engineered Cabs was formed by the merger of Crenlo Cab Products and Worthington Industries Engineered Cabs. Crenlo is a leading manufacturer of engineered operator cabs, roll over protective structures, custom complex fabrications, and packaging. Since 1951, facilities in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Tennessee have been serving heavy equipment and off-highway vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with “Made in America” products.  

Crenlo Engineered Cabs
1600 4th Ave NW, Rochester, MN 55901
Phone: +1 507 289 3371

Fritzmeier Ninomiya Hefei
Ninomiya (JPN)

Ninomiya Industries was founded in 1948 and is based in Chiba, Japan. It has a subsidiary in China and a Joint Venture in India.
The company designs and manufactures components of construction machinery particular cabs for heavy vehicles including excavators, wheel loaders and cranes. It also designs and manufactures multilevel parking systems.

Ninomiya Industries Construction Machinery Div.
318 Chigusa-cho, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba-Shi 262-0012 Japan
Phone: + 81 (43) 259-1262
Fax: + 81 (43) 259-1265

Fritzmeier Ethos
Ethos (BRA)

Ethos Metalúrgica is a company focused to provide solutions in metallic parts, especially to the OEM construction equipment and machine manufacturing/ equipment's segments; and its customers are leader companies in theses segments.
Ethos - a word whose origin is Greek and means ethics - was founded in 1989, and is located in Boituva, Sao Paulo.

Ethos Metalúrgica Ltda.
Rodovia SP 129, Km 15,7; Boituva – SP – Brasil; Postal code: 18550-000
Phone: + 55 (15) 3363-9680
Fax: + 55 (15) 3263-1021