Aluminium working

For a particularly light cabin

Aluminium makes it possible to make new section designs for any application. Where rigidity is a priority, quantities are high and structures need not be highly sophisticated, steel is the better choice. But aluminium is unbeatable for complex cabin structures and high numbers of variants. With 30 percent less weight, and investments in tooling and production equipment that are lower by a factor of 10, it gives much more scope for design.


Fritzmeier uses multi-chamber aluminium sections. This lets the metal take up more deformation energy, for standards-compliant safety structures. Our Romanian plant uses exclusively lightweight construction where suitable for projects.


Sheet metal working

Fritzmeier customers benefit from the latest working methods. Our 5-axis CNC stations mill aluminium sheet up to 6 mm thick with a table size up to 3 x 1.5 m. 

Machines used to work sheet metal:

  • 2D and 3D lasers
  • Press brake
ALU Profilbearbeitung
Profile working

Material thickness and bending radius are just two of many parameters that play an important role in bending aluminium. Fritzmeier uses mandrel and roll bending to make high-quality aluminium parts for windows, doors and complete driver cabs. Laser-cut extruded section can be used as-is, reducing costs.

Machines used to work section:

  • Solid machining centre
  • CNC milling machine
  • CNC bending machine
ALU Fuegetechnik
Joining techniques

Universal utility, clean welds and ideal adjustment of the welding current to the task at hand – modern robotic WIG (Wolfram Inert Gas) welding and the sharp eyes of our experienced specialists ensure highly precise manufacture.

Machine used to join metal:

  • Aluminium welding robot


ALU Lackiertechnik
Painting technology

In a new automatic pass-through system the components are surface-treated in order to achieve an optimal protection against corrosion and to achieve the desired coloration.  Decisive for the later quality of the powder coating is the pre-treatment of the surface. The oxide layer of the components is passivated in a chemical process. With the automatic electrostatic powder-coating we apply pigmented plastic powder with high tension and air to the component.  The coloring is freely selectable by the customer.

Machine used for painting:

  • Powder coating system

We have the following painting equipment at our location:

Sibiu (RO)

Conveyor System:
Running / Power and Free

5 Zonen
Alkalische Reiningung
Ätztechnik (Henkel)