Fritzmeier CABS sets standards in cab design.

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More than just geometry...

Do you want to test the first model of your driver cab during development? We can simulate the complete process beforehand, from design to final outfitting. With over 100 developers and technicians in the Cab Group, using CAD/CAM workplaces with 3D systems including ProEngineer, CATIA, Solid Designer, Tebis and others, we make customer-specific solutions.

Naturally we also provide follow-up on-site and are glad to make improvements and refinements in close consultation with you. You benefit from the comprehensive knowledge of our development team, the leading experts and the latest 3D solutions.

Our services
Our services
  • Industrial styling
  • Development and design of mechanical components
  • Development and design of electrical components
  • Finite element analysis with Abaqus
  • Ergonomic analysis with RAMSIS
  • Development of tools, jigs and transport pallets
  • Offline programming


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Industrial design

Fritzmeier Engineering understands that the product is an important communicator of the customer’s brand values. At the start of a project, we work with you to make a concept model based on your industrial styling. We place great emphasis on straddling the gap between cost efficiency in manufacturing and maximum performance.

Entwicklung menanische Komponenten
Development and design of mechanical components
  • Safety structures (ROPS,FOPS, etc.)
  • Door and sliding window systems
  • Glass systems
  • Interior and exterior fittings
Prozesskette Kabelbaum
Development and design of electrical components
  • Cable harness diagrams
  • 3D cable harness development
  • Air condition of the cabin
  • Control elements 
Engineering Fea
Finite element analysis with Abaqus
  • ISO 3471 ROPS
  • ISO 12117 TOPS
  • ISO 12117-2 ROPS
  • ISO 3449 FOPS
  • ISO 10262 FOPS
  • ISO 6055 Dynamic, Impact
  • ECE R29 Impact
Engineering Ramsis
Ergonomic analysis with RAMSIS
  • All-round visibility tests
  • Accessibility inside the cab (HMI)
  • Ergonomic sitting posture tests
  • Visibility of control elements
Engineering Schweißlehre
Development of
  • Tools
  • Jigs
  • Transport pallets
Offline Programmierung
Offline programming
  • RoboPlan for welding
  • DepoCAM for CNC milling
Engineering Pi
Product implementation
  • Creation of symbolized cross-location work instructions and documentation
  • Detailed analysis of processes and quality requirements