Energy & Environment

Sustainability is not just a word for us

Plenty of companies talk about environmental protection, but Fritzmeier Systems puts it into practice.

The cornerstones of our environmental management system are:

  • Compliance with environmental protection laws.
  • Using energy efficiently and conserving resources.
  • Avoiding, separating and recycling waste.
  • Targeted risk prevention, for example by not using toxic or hazardous substances.

Our measures: Successes that encourage

  • All materials we use in manufacturing are Cr6-free.
  • Oily weld parts are cleaned in an environment-friendly parts washer before welding.
  • Our coating system has switched to water-based paints for series production.
  • We use only gas-powered or electric forklifts - no more diesel forklifts.
  • Internal noise protection rules specify a maximum <78 dBA for machines.
  • Through a thoroughgoing shift to reusable packaging and returnable load carriers we are continuously reducing our consumption of single-use packaging.

Thinking ahead - closing resource cycles

Since 2015 we have had DIN ISO 50001 energy management certification. This has helped us cut energy costs by systematically identifying energy consumption and reducing it by simple means.

  • We use only recyclable materials.
  • The requirements of DIN ISO 14001 will be implemented and binding for our entire supply chain.
  • In regular energy audits we look at additional ways to recover energy from production processes, avoid waste, and so reduce costs.
Energy Management System
Energy Management System We care about the environment

Since the introduction of energy management in 2014, Fritzmeier Systems has been able to significantly improve energy efficiency. Behind this is not only the use of energy-saving equipment, machinery and lighting but also our principles for energy-saving actions according to our energy and environmental guidelines as well as the influence of our employees on energy efficiency in the continuous improvement process. In the area of the environment, we are pleased to have once again achieved an improvement in the waste separation rate of 94.7%. The renewal of the base coat cooling system with free cooling again reduced drinking water consumption by approx. 24 million liters and correspondingly lowered electricity consumption.

We constantly monitor and improve the following key indicators:

  • Energy consumption overall
  • Process heating oil and gas consumption
  • Building heating oil and gas consumption
  • Pool vehicle fuel consumption
  • Forklift gas fuel consumption