for Forklift, Construction Machine or Agricultural Machine.

Complete cabs from a single source

You want your cab to be safe and ergonomic, while also economical? You’re looking for a system partner who can solve this challenge together with you? We implement the latest trends in the machine industry in our steel and aluminium safety cabs.

We have years of experience in the development of safety structures:

  • A Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS) protects the occupant if the vehicle rolls over, and is designed based on the vehicle weight.
  • A Falling Object Protective System (FOPS) protects the occupant from falling objects like construction elements, tools and the like.
  • A Tip-Over Protection Structure (TOPS) protects mini-excavator operators from injury.
  • Wooden stack and wooden cube test for forklifts protects the driver in accordance with legal requirements.
  • ECE R29 for tucks cabins protects the driver against roll-over and head-on collision.

With over 80 cab models, Fritzmeier offers complete cabs in many different versions and interiors. Our large and coordinated pool of injection moulded plastic parts, extruded aluminium section and rolled steel tubing is a special plus.

Customer-neutral Components

We also offer customers a wide range of existing components so that not everything has to be designed from the start, which reduces investment costs.

We are continually developing customer-neutral components – including in close cooperation with our suppliers – based on customer requirements, including latch systems, roofs, handles, hinges and door stays. We also have a large range of non-variable parts like metal section, wiper motors and gaskets.

Spare parts

You need spare parts for canopies or cabins? Please contact our factory representatives who will be happy to advise you.

Find out more about our products

Produkte CABSProdukte CABS
Maximum visibility A cabin for stackers and reach stackers

1. Clear view through elimination of both A-pillars, 3-piece front windshield and large PC roof panel

2. Tested steel structure with wood cube and wood stack

Produkte CABSProdukte CABS
Light weight cabin A safety structure of aluminium

1. One-piece bent side aluminium section with integrated sliding windshield

2. Tested ROPS and FOPS aluminium structure

Produkte CABSProdukte CABS
Comfort in a tractor cabin Integrated climate control at its best

1. Plastic rotation components with integrated air conditioner

2. Clear view through large glass roof panel

Our reference products

System model and cladding components of sheet metal and platic

In addition to complete cabs, we also offer individual system assembles like steel and aluminium door and window modules, produced from different customer-specific sections. These visually pleasing components round out the machine design and are also designed to be service-friendly.


Cab cladding needs to fit precisely on the raw chassis. There are also special functional requirements that each cladding part must meet in the most effective way possible. Here, Fritzmeier’s extensive expertise in working metal and plastics comes into full play.


Costumer neutral components out of steel, aluminium and plastic

For our products we use 400 aluminium profiles, more than 50 different steel profiles and 50 costumer neutral plastic parts based on general costumers needs. This wide range of costumer-neutral developments reduce the investment cost of our costumers.