Our process chain

We stay with you the whole way.

Our reference products

Fritzmeier offers customers complete cabs, system modules, and metal and composite cladding components. To have the right answer for any customer request, we offer the entire value creation chain from concept and design, to prototyping and testing, to production. This is the only way to supply customers reliably with high-quality products.

In styling, development and construction Fritzmeier sees itself as an expert partner for its customers. Customers can get form, function and ergonomics to order. Our large and coordinated pool of injection moulded plastic parts, extruded aluminium section and rolled steel tubing is a special plus.

Development includes comprehensive simulations by the latest methods, reducing the outlay for physical testing. Prototypes go through an extensive test phase including endurance, shake and shower tests as well as customer-defined analyses. Standards-pursuant testing is done by the Deutschen Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG).

Once series production starts, customers benefit from our in-house tool and jig production, which ensures that everything is tailored to the project and the production line. Expertise in many different manufacturing technologies is needed to build the enormous diversity that over 80 different OEM cabs involve. We accomplish this with highly skilled employees and continuous investment in new systems.

Prozesskette Industriedesign
Industrial design Perfect forming with your signature

The product is a company’s most important means of communicating its brand values. Accordingly, machine design is becoming ever more important for our customers.

We place a great emphasis on straddling the gap between cost efficiency in manufacturing and maximum performance, and orient the design entirely towards the customer’s philosophy and visual idiom.

Prozesskette Forschung
Research and development More than just geometry

With over 100 technicians, the Fritzmeier Cab Group is one of only a few suppliers on the market that is in a position to offer competent assistance in research and development for steel and aluminium safety cabs.

Our development services comprise the design of tools, equipment and test gauges, offline programming of CNC machines for production, CAD design with CREO, FE calculations with Abaqus, ergonomic analysis with Ramsis, and the documentation of all necessary quality and work steps for cab production.

Our entire services

Prozesskette Tests
Simulations and tests We think it through and think ahead

CAD cabin developments are repeatedly tested by FE calculations from an early stage. This ensures that later in actual operation the cabin will meet all prescribed ISO tests for ROPS/FOPS, while also having a cost-effective design. Years of experience and comparison of actual test results with the simulated results allow Fritzmeier to make very accurate preliminary calculations. This reduces testing costs, and shortens development time immensely.

Based on the first prototypes we can perform the tests and long-term testing below. The prototype phase includes shaker and durability testing designed by Fritzmeier and performed at the Grosshelfendorf plant.

Prozesskette Prototypen
Prototypes, tools and jigs From 3D dataset to finished component

Before the start of series manufacture, each product goes through a prototype phase, which includes small as well as big lots. Prototyping is subject to the same rigorous quality requirements as series production, with tight dimensional tolerances that meet the highest demands. Prototypes are made in quantities depending on requirements, to cover the various applications (e.g. testing, exhibits, etc.).

Making production equipment
Another thing that sets apart a full-service partner is in-house tool and jig making. Here we make the necessary welding gauges, welding stations and devices, all the way to complete production lines. With decades of experience in development, method planning, design and tooling, we are a capable and dependable partner for tool and jig making.

Technologies for steel and aluminium production Only the best solution

It takes expertise in many different manufacturing technologies to build our enormous diversity of over 80 different OEM cabs, so we are constantly investing in new plant. And the experience of our employees is at least as important. Many of our people have been with us for a long time, so we have much practical knowledge and continuity in our operations.

We make cabs and system components in steel or aluminium, depending on the application and requirements of the machine manufacturer.

Prozesskette Lackierung
E- and top coating We can do anything, even pink

The Fritzmeier Cab Group has painting lines at five locations, making it Europe’s leading cab maker as regards painting capacity. We operate special systems for alkaline cleaning followed by zinc phosphating on steel, ED and CED dip priming, and wet/powder coating for the final topcoat. We can also do extensive quality inspections like crosscut, gloss level, coat thickness, colour measurement, mandrel bend and salt spray testing in-house. We use water-soluble, environment-friendly coatings. If desired by the customer, we can paint in many special colours and in lot sizes down to 1.

Prozesskette Serienmontage
Serial production Even complex variants are not a problem for us

As a leading driver cab specialist manufacturer, Fritzmeier offers all assembly options pre-delivery, from installing individual components to fully outfitted and tested cabs. If desired we will install the vehicle electronics, electrics with cab cable harness and consumers like work headlamps, as well as interior components like cladding. Depending on the complexity of outfitting, we preassemble modules like door and roof systems, all the way to plug-and-play cabs.
At the end of our production line are inspection systems whose processes are closely coordinated with the requirements of the respected OEM.

Prozesskette Quality Check
Quality check Quality assurance isn’t just a word for us

As an OEM supplier, we set standards worldwide and guarantee complete quality management to international standards and directives.
Accordingly, we test our products by means of virtual calculations, ISO tests, and inspection right at the production line.

Prozesskette Logistik
Logistics and spare parts management Directly to the customer

As a long-time OEM supplier we know that our customers need to have the right cab on hand, in the right quality, at the right time. Our plants are closely intermeshed with the production locations of our customers, and all deliveries are carefully coordinated. To make these processes even smoother and to eliminate sources of faults, Fritzmeier is increasingly digitizing and automating its intralogistics.  A new computer-assisted central warehouse improves material availability at the production lines. When components are needed at a line, a transport order automatically goes to the forklift driver, who can track and confirm all orders on a tablet PC. For complex systems, in the kitting zone cars are loaded per cab, which further saves time and storage space in production.

Spare parts management
We make sure that replacement parts are available throughout the product life cycle, and at least ten years after EOP (End Of Production) or longer if required by the customer. Our central parts warehouse at Grosshelfendorf has the latest packaging machinery and qualified stock personnel.