From rapid prototyping to series production to spare parts fabrication - our new 3D printer can do a lot!

At Fritzmeier we’ve decided to add 3D printing, also known as additive fabrication, to our technology portfolio, because we see it as having great potential for us as a cab builder. We chose a high-end FDM system whose user-friendliness and wide range of possible materials get us off to a good start in this new area.

The technology offers our Development Department a way to quickly make initial draft designs that they can hold in their hands. By doing so 3D printing will revolutionize our prototyping and make development times shorter. “Small series manufacture is another application we see for 3D. It lets us make complex component geometries flexibly and without tooling costs” notes Erich Thrainer, Head of Engineering CABS. 3D printing can also be used to make production aids. From dimension templates to assembly devices, it can quickly make production tools for our cabs with tolerances approaching zero. Production of spare parts is another application for additive fabrication. It lets us react to customer needs quickly, while reducing the need for extensive spare parts stocking and shortening the time we have to keep supplier tools. This is a win-win for all involved.