IVT - CAB Design & New technologies

On the 13th and 14th of February 2019 the IVT Expo took place in Cologne (Germany). For the first time a conference was exclusively organized on cabin design and new technologies.

We are pleased that we were asked to host the entire morning session with our partners of the CAB Concept Cluster. Alexandra Herrmann (Marketing and Communications) talked about how megatrends affect the agricultural and construction industry and what impact they have on innovative cabin concepts. As the  project manager of the CAB Concept Cluster, she gave insights into how Fritzmeier masters the challenges of the market and industry and how Fritzmeier implements trends such as safety, comfort and system integration in today's cabins.

We also had a very interesting panel discussion on the topic: "Designing cabs for today's operators. How can adaptive technologies and ergonomics help to make machines more usable for a wider range of heights, weights and ages? Solutions ahead!"

Five specialists discussed topics such as HMI, safety and future-oriented solutions for cabin design. Erich Thrainer (CAB development) represented Fritzmeier and gave interesting insights into the world of cabin development at Fritzmeier CABS.