Konecranes Lift Trucks and Fritzmeier CABS
partner in every stage.

2014 marked the beginning of Fritzmeier deliveries of the Optima C CAB to one of our very special and outstanding customers, Konecranes Lift Trucks, in Sweden, following the highly successful industrial design and development of that CAB.

Konecranes is committed to providing lifting equipment and services to the market place that increase the value and effectiveness of their customers. They are dedicated to improving the efficiency and performance of businesses in all types of industries and have done this by providing lifting equipment and services people can trust. Konecranes expect the same of their suppliers and the parts they purchase. In this context Fritzmeier does not view Konecranes as a mere customer, but as a partner in every stage of the product life cycle.

To learn more about Konecranes Lift Trucks products and services follow this link or visit their homepage.